Press Release Distribution

Capitalize on industry-leading reach and results

Connect with thousands of potential customers and media outlets when you use Chicago Press Release Services to distribute your press release.

We deliver your message to targeted print and broadcast newsrooms, journalists, blogs, social media networks, websites, broad consumer audiences, news aggregators and search engines that effectively reach your target audiences.

Publicize throughout greater Chicago

Chicago Press Release Services offers the broadest and most affordable Chicago-area syndication to media outlets and consumer audiences in the newswire industry.

Whether you are a large agency reaching out to specific audiences or a small business trying to gain media exposure in a competitive landscape, Chicago Press Release Services can help you effectively communicate your message.

Maximize visibility with newswire syndication

Whether your press release campaign is targeted to mainstream media, consumer groups or multicultural audiences, Chicago Press Release Services has the established relationships, reputation and technology to connect you successfully.

We understand the importance of delivering maximum impact from a single press release campaign, and offer the greatest visibility and broadest reach to Chicago media and consumer audiences for only $99.

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