David Hasselhoff Moving to London to Replace Simon on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Britain has always loved David and was the first country to embrace ‘Baywatch’ in syndication after it was canceled in America.

Plus, returning to the judges table is great for David because it will finally put to rest those ugly rumors that Simon fired him from ‘America’s Got Talent’ and replaced him with Howie Mandel.

In fact, Simon had nothing to do with The Hoff’s departure from ‘AGT’ but felt he would be an ideal replacement on the British version of his hit show.

“It’s a brand-new start for David and he couldn’t be more exited,” a close friend of the actor tells me. “His new reality show on A&E is bound to be a hit and now he is returning to TV in the show that found Susan Boyle. What could be bigger than that?”

We will miss you David! No one is willing to make fun of themselves more than you. Plus, we still have Michael Bolton for a giggle while you’re gone.

Originally reported by PopEater.com. Read the original article here.

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