Michaela Wallace Doesn’t Really Want to be ‘Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend’

Your song ‘Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend’ is so catchy. How did you get the idea to write the song?
I’ve been a big fan of his since he first started. I really like his music. I wanted to write something that girls my age could relate to and there are millions of girls out there who dream of being Justin’s girlfriend, so I thought that would be a good idea.

Did you write the song yourself?
I co-wrote the song with Deanna Harper and Paul Allen, songwriters in Nashville. Deanna found my videos on my Facebook and she had me come out and do some writing sessions.

Have you ever meet Justin?

Yeah. I was lucky enough to do a meet-and-greet with him before a concert in Nashville. It was so awesome. I was nervous because he IS Justin Bieber. But he was really cool and made me feel comfortable. Then, during the concert when he sang ‘U Smile,’ he came over and sang right to my cousin and I! That was pretty awesome.

Has Team Bieber reached out to you?
No, but I’m still hoping that he will … If I got to talk to him, I’d tell him I really love his music, and I hope he likes mine because I wrote it for him and all those girls out there who really like him.

What’s next for you?
Being a singer has always been a big dream of mine. I’ll keep writing and recording more music. But I’m still going to school and having a normal life, doing my chores like everyone else. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Before I let you go, I have to ask, do you actually want to be Justin Bieber’s girlfriend?

Maybe, but it would be really crazy with everything he has going on and all those girls chasing after him.

►The ‘Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend EP’ is available on iTunes.

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