“Congo Princess” works to preserve Afro-Panamanian identity

two women in congo dress

(Marlon Bishop/World Vision Report)

Marcia Rodriguez (right) and her mother Alejandrina Lan (center) in full Congo regalia to honor prominent women in Panama.

An ethnic group known as the Congos have lived in Panama for centuries. They’re the descendants of slaves, many of whom fled to isolated islands to escape Spanish rule. Throughout the years, Congos have managed to preserve their unique Afro-Panamanian identity. But as they integrate into mainstream Panamanian life, their traditions are increasingly at risk. The World Vision Report’s Marlon Bishop brings us the story of one woman in Panama City  working to keep the Congo culture alive.

This piece originally aired on the World Vision Report and was provided by the Public Radio Exchange.

Originally reported by Chicago Public Radio. Read the original article here.

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