Chance the Rapper Brings His Comedy Chops to ‘SNL’

Chance the Rapper isn’t ashamed of his love for Drake and reveals that he wrote three sketches for his “Saturday Night Live” hosting turn, including one co-written by Atlanta creator Donald Glover. (Published Friday, Nov. 17, 2017)

Fans watching this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” could see an extra special treat from host Chance the Rapper.

The Chicago hip-hop star revealed on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon Thursday that he came prepared for his big hosting gig with five sketches written. Three of those sketches, one with the help of Donald Glover, have made it to the show’s dress rehearsal.

“I wrote three sketches that will make it into the show,” he said. “Well, they’ll make it to dress rehearsal, so they could get pulled, Lorne Michaels could pull them last minute. But hopefully, as of right now, I got three sketches in the show.”

Fans of Chance already know him for his musical talent, but it appears the rapper also some comedy talent if his sketches do in fact make it into the show.

This will mark Chance’s first time hosting “SNL,” but the rapper will also be the first unsigned artist to host the show.

“Hosting is a whole different thing,” he told Fallon. “I got in on Monday and I’ve just been in New York every day writing with the cast and meeting everybody. It’s a crazy feeling. I love it.”

Chance has been appearing in promos for this week’s set all week, including one where he hosts a dance party with the cast and another with Leslie Jones and rapper Eminem, who will perform as the musical guest Saturday.

In one of the promos, Eminem says he thought he was “the rapper” for the night.

“Oh I should probably change my name,” Chance, whose real name is Chancellor Bennett, says.

Eminem and Jones then proceed to come up with new ideas for Chance’s name. Among them are Chance Encounter, Chance the Poet, Chance the Triple Threat or Chancer the Dancer.

“Saturday Night Live” airs Saturday at 10:30 p.m. CT. on NBC.

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