Chicago Foundation for Women to Lead Local Efforts of National $1 Million Micro-Lending Program to Jumpstart Local Women-Owned Businesses

Small businesses can lead to big gains in communities, especially in this economic climate. That’s why the Women’s Self Worth Foundation will give $1 million across four cities, including Chicago, to provide small but essential loans to women starting new businesses.

Women's Self Worth FoundationThe Women’s Self Worth Foundation designated $250,000 over four years to micro-lending efforts at ACCION Chicago, and Chicago Foundation for Women will distribute the funds. ACCION Chicago’s loans will help women jumpstart their lives and the Chicago economy.

“Women need to be economically secure, now more than ever—but simply getting by is not enough,” said Kelly White, executive director of Chicago Foundation for Women. “We need to encourage women to become business owners, and to do that they need capital. With women in the lead, our communities and our country can get back on the road to prosperity.”

On June 4, Chicago Foundation for Women presented ACCION Chicago with its initial grant check. Two women business-owners who have received ACCION Chicago loans, Francine L. Hurt and Tahira F. Hussain, attended the check presentation. Their success illustrates what a difference more loan capital and financial literacy training can make on women’s lives.

Jonathan Brereton, chief executive and lending officer of ACCION Chicago, said, “We have seen again and again how much women bring to the table. Right now there are women entrepreneurs who have everything going for them but the start-up money. And starting today, we are more ready than ever to step in with fair and accessible loans.”

What Is Your Self-worth? book cover, by Cheryl Saban, PhDThe Women’s Self Worth Foundation’s mission is to provide grants to organizations that work towards the empowerment and advancement of women. It was founded this year by Dr. Cheryl Saban, a psychologist, philanthropist, family advocate and author of the new book, What Is Your Self-Worth? A Woman’s Guide to Validation (Hay House), available in English and Spanish.

The book examines how society perceives women, how women perceive themselves, and how they can validate their contributions to the world. All of Dr. Saban’s proceeds from book sales go to women’s funds and projects. To learn more, visit whatisyourselfworth.com.

Chicago Foundation for Women gives money and resources to projects that put women and girls first. It also educates the public and policymakers about obstacles to economic security, freedom from violence and access to health services for women and girls. Since 1986, it has given more than 2,700 grants totaling nearly $17 million to Chicago-area programs. Visit cfw.org.

ACCION Chicago is an alternative lending organization dedicated to providing credit and other business services to small business owners who do not have access to traditional sources of financing. By encouraging the economic self-reliance of microentrepreneurs throughout the Chicagoland area, ACCION Chicago strives to help businesses and communities grow. Visit accionchicago.org.

For more information about Dr. Cheryl Saban and What Is Your Self-Worth?, please contact Megan Beatie at Goldberg McDuffie Communications, (818) 678-6288 or mbeatie@goldbergmcduffie.com.


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