Chicago Public Schools won’t move Keller Gifted Elementary School

Keller Gifted Elementary Magnet School will not leave Chicago’s Mount Greenwood community, Chicago Public Schools officials have decided.

Keller parents learned Tuesday that CPS had abandoned a plan to look into the possibility of moving the school to another location in the city.

“We want Keller to remain an important part of the Mount Greenwood community and to continue to forge relationships with its community partners,” CPS chief Ron Huberman wrote in a letter to Keller Principal LaTanya McDade.

“CPS is proud of Keller’s students and teachers and their wonderful accomplishments, most notably Keller’s distinction as the second-highest-scoring elementary school in the state,” he wrote.

Parents were outraged after learning last month that CPS was studying a potential relocation of Keller to help relieve overcrowding at Mount Greenwood School, 10841 S. Homan Ave.

Christine McGovern, a parent of a Keller student, said she did not expect CPS to make a decision on Keller’s future so quickly.

“I am extremely satisfied. The outcome was unexpected,” she said. “I believe we had our politicians on our side.”

At a Jan. 28 rally at the school, Ald. Ginger Rugai (19th), state Rep. Kevin Joyce (D-Chicago) and state Sen. Ed Maloney (D-Chicago) said that moving Keller, 3020 W. 108th St., would be harmful to the community.

More than 200 parents attended the rally. A smaller group attended a CPS board meeting the previous day.

“I think (CPS) was overwhelmed by our support,” McGovern said. “I don’t think they were expecting such a rally coming from us.”

McGovern said Huberman’s letter is somewhat vague because it does not promise Keller never will be relocated.

She said she plans to attend CPS’s Feb. 24 meeting to ask, “How long is this letter good for?”

Mount Greenwood Elementary School, with more than 800 students, has been overcrowded for several years. Rugai said she has lobbied CPS for years to do something about overcrowding at Mount Greenwood and another 19th Ward school, Cassell.

CPS has agreed to add four modular units to Mount Greenwood next year to provide temporary relief from the overcrowding, Rugai said.

McDade could not be reached for comment.

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