Chicago Security Pro John Frycek on Active Shooters’ Protection

Chicago, IL, December 3, 2015

John Frycek is one of Chicago leading authorities on Private executive security and professional security consultation. Frycek is a 26 year veteran professional on corporate security and he is a Certified Personal Protection Specialist, Licensed Private Detective and former Police Officer.

With the advent of today’s security threats and mass shooting events, Frycek shares this direct thoughts and instructional knowledge on how a person can protect themselves and their families against hostile threats such as the one that just occurred in California.

John Frycek is a well-spoken and animated speaker on dealing with violent acts in urban environments. He teaches private security professionals Nationwide and offers his prospective in the matters of workplace violence, terrorism, physical security protocol and protection awareness. John Frycek is available for interview and media attention at any time.

“In today’s world of modern political corrective behavior, individuals seem reluctant to express and report their inherent feared conscious thought that keeps them safe.” “Even though we live in a modern civil society one needs to remain vigilant and alert and NEVER take their safety for advantage.” “I can instruct people in very simplistic and a non-paranoid manner on how to survive violent confrontations without hiding under your bed.”

“Our goal is NOT to make one hyper-paranoid or over-reactive. Life has so much stress as it is and overzealous dramatization is not our goal–Common Sense is!”

Frycek also launched a unique concept in protection and security at their new offices at 7522 N. Harlem Ave., Chicago. ‘Urban Survival Solutions’ was born as a boutique for learning self-defense and practical, real-world survival tactics in 21st Century America, as well as for realistic assessment of tomorrow’s unknown calamities and disasters. The brain-child of well-known Chicago P.I. John Frycek, President of Special Solutions, it adds to 26 years spent assisting in and rectifying security situations here in Chicago, and beyond.

‘Urban Survival Solutions delves into the disconcerting world of “WHAT IF?”, applying mental preparedness for violent crime, terrorism, natural and unnatural disasters and other varied risk exposures. Citizens can now step in for practical self-defense courses in non-lethal defense weapons, firearm basics and general training, preparing for disasters with practical know-how and survival gear, and staying unharmed during times of unrest and riots, among many other things.

According to founder John Frycek: “Where can one learn about simple but effective self-defense moves, weaponry, survival and crime prevention all in one? Most folks do not want to entertain unpleasant thoughts of mayhem, disruption or inconvenient living styles until it actually happens…we will teach the truth about preparedness without the stark paranoia of ‘doom and gloom’. Where can you get investigative detectives, Black Belt instructors, survival gurus, protection specialists and trainers from law enforcement, military and intelligence backgrounds for a five hour course? AT URBAN SURVIVAL SOLUTIONS!”

www.Johnfrycek.com For commentaries and interviews: Please call 847 803-6922 –

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  1. Jim Elliot says:

    Yes indeed. We need more trainers like this for Chicago citizens!

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