Cleanup Underway After Suburban Gas Leak, Explosions

A cleanup is underway in the south suburbs of Westmont and Willowbrook after a miles-long gas leak was discovered in the sewer line.

At least two people were injured in a rash of explosions beginning Thursday afternoon that were traced back to a Speedway gas station in Westmont.

Authorities said Saturday morning that levels had stabilized, but warned the community to stay vigilant.

“All readings are well below the explosive limits; however, there is likely residual product in the lines, in the sewer lines, and that will cause odors to continue to occur,” said Jim Connolly of the Westmont Fire Department.

“We encourage residents to monitor their buildings and businesses and if they detect any odors to contact 911 and they will be investigated by local fire departments,” he added.

The Speedway off Cass Avenue near 63rd Street remained closed Saturday morning, as crews continued to drain fuel from the area.

Willowbrook authorities initially said the gas leak traveled in the sewer line under 63rd Street for at least a mile, but later revealed that it spread around eight to ten miles to the Flagg Creek Water Reclamation plant near I-55/294.

Investigators said an 81-year-old woman was using the laundry room at the Knolls complex in Willowbrook Friday morning when an explosion occurred – one of at least ten incidents ranging from explosions to structure fires.

Utilities at the Knolls were shut off and residents of at least 22 units were displaced.

53 homes in Darien on the Flagg Creek sewer system were also notified of the issue and told to be aware.

The Red Cross said Saturday that a reception center would be open at Hinsdale South High School for those impacted by the explosion.

If you smell gas, do not turn on any appliances, authorities say. Instead leave your home and call 911 immediately.

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  1. Brian Terry says:

    Perhaps describing this as a GASOLINE leak would be more informative. It smells considerably different than Gas (which most people would figure is natural gas).

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