Congressman calling for criminal charges for death of an alleged CVS shoplifter

CHICAGO — Congressman Bobby Rush is calling for criminal charges to be brought against those responsible for the death of an alleged shoplifter from a CVS store in the Little Village neighborhood a week and a half ago.

The Chicago Police Department labeled Anthony Kyser’s death on May 8th, “accidental”, but says it’s still investigating. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office ruled the death a homicide, in that Kyser’s death came at the hands of someone else.

Congressman Rush says that, for justice to be done, criminal charges must be brought against the person or people responsible for Anthony Kyser’s death.

Rush says, “We are not a city of vigilantes. And vigilante justice is unacceptable in this city”.

Anthony Kyser was choked to death, allegedly by a CVS store manager, after allegedly stealing toothpaste and crayons. A Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy reportedly witnessed the incident.

His mother, Ann Marie Kyser, plans a multi-million dollar wrongful death lawsuit. She says, “I’m hoping that my son didn’t go into a store and pick up anything that he didn’t pay for, but he didn’t deserve (to die) at all. No one deserves that.”

Cong. Rush calls Kyser’s death and no charges being filed to this point, “a grave injustice”. He calls on the Chicago Police Department and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office to “do your job” and file criminal charges.

Attorney James Montgomery represents Ann Marie Kyser and says he’ll file the wrongful death lawsuit in the next two or three days. He says those who will be named in the suit include CVS, its employee who allegedly choked Anthony Kyser, plus the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and the sheriff’s deputy who was on hand during the incident at the CVS on 26th and Pulaski.

Congressman Rush asks, “what does a black life mean in the city of Chicago?” when someone can be killed and no one is charged.

Montgomery says the “vigilante justice” allowed by virtue of no criminal charges “sends a bad message” to the community, including to “the black community”. He says police and prosecutors are saying, by their actions until now, that “it’s okay to take somebody’s life for stealing four dollars worth of merchandise”.

Ann Marie Kyser says Anthony Kyser is the second son she has lost to violence. She says her other son, Sherman Vance Kyser, was shot to death eight years ago on 64th and Langley. Kyser says she has a lone surviving 18-year old daughter.

The Chicago Police Department has issued a statement saying, “the investigation of the death of Mr. Anthony Kyser remains active. The Chicago Police Department has been in communication with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. We are committed to ensuring the proper resolution of this investigation in accordance with our responsibilities under the law”.

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