Dog’s Owners Share Incredible Story of How They Got Her Back

A couple who had their dog stolen during a burglary have gotten her back, but that’s just the beginning of the story.

The four-year-old Shih-Tzu/Yorkie mix, named Frida, was stolen from a friend’s apartment during a burglary nearly a week ago. According to Frida’s owner Danny Castaneda, an anonymous Facebook user reached out to him and his partner, and said someone was offering to sell them the dog for $300.

“(So) I reached out to the number we had for the person selling her, and I played along and said I was interested and asked if they had any pictures,” he said. “They sent pictures, and it was absolutely Frida.”

The couple had a friend agree to meet the seller in a parking lot, and from a distance they watched as the sale was made.

Despite the illicit nature of the sale, and despite the fact they have the potential perpetrator’s phone number and contact information, the couple is hesitant to pursue further action.  

“I think the thing that worries us is that there’s going to be some sort of retaliation,” Castaneda said.

The couple has not yet fully ruled out pursuing charges, and that they are still working with a detective.

“You want to be the person who says no and puts an end to this,” Castaneda said.

Retired Chicago police officer Dave Eshoo says the problem of animals being stolen and re-sold is one that he’s seen way too often.

“How likely would it be this person retaliates against them? There is no answer. It’s up to the mind of the criminal,” he said. “(It’s also up to) how far the victim wants to pursue it, and what they’re willing to sacrifice to have justice done.”  

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