FAA Warns Christmas Decoration Could Distract, Blind Pilots

A popular and festive Christmas decoration could potentially cause a catastrophic plane crash, the Federal Aviation Administration is warning this holiday season.

The FAA has received reports from pilots who said the Christmas-themed laser-lights meant to shine colorful displays on homes were distracting—or even temporarily blinding to pilots. A short drive around the Chicago area shows how popular the decorations are.

“The FAA’s concerns about lasers – regardless of the source – is that they not be aimed at aircraft in a way that can threaten the safety of a flight by distracting or blinding the pilots,” the agency said in a statement. “People may not realize that systems they set up to spread holiday cheer can also pose a potential hazard to pilots flying overhead.”

Homeowners using laser-light displays should ensure the lights are hitting their home and not shining up into the sky, the FAA said.

“It may not look like the lights go much farther than your house, but the extremely concentrated beams of laser lights actually reach much further than most people think,” the statement reads.

If the FAA becomes aware of a pilot being affected by a laser-light setup, the agency says it will ask the home owner to adjust the lights or turn them off—but if the owner is repeatedly contacted despite previous warnings, they could face an FAA civil penalty, the agency said.

Published 4 hours ago | Updated 2 hours ago

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