Flooding Angers People in Westchester

Westchester, Ill. – People in west suburban Westchester think more could have been done to prevent last weekend’s severe flooding, and they want answers from village leaders.


Westchester is a village of 17,000 and it seemed that at least half of them showed up for an impromptu meeting on Tuesday night.

Folks are angry because though many of them don’t live in a flood zone, it sure has felt that way over the past few years. They want to know why this towns storm and sewage system seem to conk out when a big storm hits.

The breaking point for them was last weekend, when seven inches of rain lead to what the mayor termed an ungodly amount of flooding. He got an earful during the meeting.

The flood waters filled basements and overtook roads. Emergency crews used boats to get to people trapped in their homes and cars. What makes this especially heartbreaking for many people is that they are just recovering from a storm in late June that flooded the village.

Even those lucky enough to have flood insurance worry they’ll lose it.

Another big concern is when or if FEMA will get here with financial help. Folks were given claim forms to fill out and told to document all their losses. The village president made a pledge to the people here tonight that he would hand deliver the documents to the White House, if it would help speed the process along.


Originally reported by FOX News Chicago. Read the original article here.

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