The Ok-Corral, The Wild Wild West, Havoc and lawlessness in the streets! These are the words some Illinois State Representatives have used when it comes to the notion of allowing civilians to legally carry a firearm in Illinois. Are they correct based upon other states that have had the right to carry a firearm law on their books for years without any major problems? Yes, Illinois has finally received the privilege to allow Illinoisans the legal right to carry and conceal a firearm—now what?

John Frycek, a Certified NRA Firearm Instructor and Illinois Concealed Carry Licensed Instructor says, “It’s about time this came about.” “Illinois is a great state, but we are the last to adopt the CCL (Carry Conceal License) act that allows a law abiding citizen to protect themselves and their families.” Frycek believes that with the advent of strong firearm education and proper training etiquette, firearm training and the appropriate handling of a firearm is nothing like the old west. Sociological civilized standards and mandated rulings have changed in 125 years for the better and ignorance towards handling a firearm is much more respected these days. “People especially who reside in the Chicagoland area are concerned about violent crime,” says Frycek. “Chicago is now considered to be the most dangerous city in the world and when a violent crime occurs, the formidable act is usually over within 30 to 50 seconds. Police are later summoned and serve in a reactionary process after the manifestation of the incident has taken place; therefore, this places the post time frame for police interaction to about 8 to 12 minutes.” Frycek says that self-defense tactics utilizing a firearm can be conceivable and helpful before the incident and in between. He adds that one must never take their personal protection for granted and be reliant and co-dependant on a government entity.

John Frycek, owns Special Solutions, Ltd., a Chicago detective agency and Chicago Firearm Training Group, a professional CCL firearm training school. Frycek believes that we are no different than the two billion year-old cave man that guarded his warm cave, female companion and food rations with a wooden spear. In that time of course, primal reasoning standards were underprivileged and a governmental existence was also absent, however, self-preservation and the quest to live a jubilant and protected life stayed the same. John Frycek, also believes that if one can be entrusted and trained to operate a two ton motorized vehicle on a public street without over-whelming intentional insidious incidents, then the same can mirror towards one being privileged to carrying a firearm. “After all, aren’t we still all socially honored by following the good-faith system?” Frycek believes that there may be some incidences of ignorant behavior and wrongful intent with the new CCL act, but society always solders-on and adapts.

Frycek says that his partner Jamie Tallerico and himself both have a passionate and a professional goal to teach each and every individual the right way to own, store and legally utilize a firearm. Safety and vigilance is paramount in their firearm course and they teach confidence as well as the laws that surround the CCL Illinois Act. “People get their monies worth ($199) when they train with us and we personally and diligently teach individuals the right way with no shortcuts—the first time.” Frycek mentions that the selection, usage and legal aspects of owning a firearm is covered in full detail and they make each and every student memorialize the full Illinois CCL act.

What do police and other governmental entities really think about Concealed Carry Licenses?

Many people believe the police would oppose concealed carry, but the facts don’t support it. In fact, 66% of police chiefs support concealed carry laws (National Association of Chiefs of Police, 17th Annual National Survey of Police Chiefs & Sheriffs, 2005). Here are some quotes representing the opinions of law enforcement.

“Virginia has not turned into Dodge City. We have not seen a problem.” – Virginia Public Safety Secretary Jerry Kilgore, The Fredericksburg Freelance Star, 2/2/96.

“The concerns I had – with more guns on the street, folks may be more apt to square off against one another with weapons – we haven’t experienced that.” – Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC Police Chief Dennis Nowicki, The News and Observer, 11/24/97.

“The preponderance of the evidence suggests that the vast majority (of permit holders) act responsibly.” – State Sen. Jerry Patterson, R-

Pasadena, author of Texas’ firearm carry law.
“To set the record straight… The process is working… The statistics show a majority of concealed firearms or firearm licensees are honest, law-abiding citizens exercising their right to be armed for the purpose of lawful self defense.” – Sandra B. Mortham, Florida Secretary of State.

“Allowing citizens to carry concealed firearms deters violent crimes and it appears to produce no increase in accidental deaths. If those states which did not have right to carry concealed gun provisions had adopted them in 1992, approximately 1,570 murders, 4,177 rapes and over 60,000 aggravated assaults would have been avoided yearly.” – Professor John R.
Lott, Jr. and David B. Mustard, University of Chicago.

“The facts are in and the record is clear: Right to Carry gives law enforcement, their families and our communities real protection from violent criminals.” – James J. Fotis, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Alliance of America.

John Frycek can be reached for comment and a full story. John Frycek at: (847) 803-6922 Special Solutions, Ltd.

Chicago Firearm Training, 7524 N. Harlem Ave., Chicago, IL 60631

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