Mail Carrier Wins Big in Queen of Hearts Lottery Drawing

Inside the Morris VFW Monday night the anticipation was electric.

Ticket buyers had stuffed the drum to capacity—then waited weeks while it was all made legal—now they all but salivated over what might be theirs.

The small town raffle was live-streamed on Facebook, as several maybes were pulled. Then a winner matching the number on the board that revealed the queen of hearts underneath.

The bar manager, Shana Ramsey, called the winner to confirm.

“He screamed,” she said of the winner’s reaction.

“I’m shocked,” winner Kevin Repsel told NBC 5. “Absolutely shocked.”

He told NBC 5 he hauls mail in a semi for a living and probably still will.

His wife Julie is a nursing supervisor who was so overwhelmed she left for her night shift like usual.

“I didn’t know what else to do, we need our health insurance!” she said.

Now they both know what their million dollar winnings will do.

“We don’t have to worry anymore,” Julie said through tears.

Published 2 hours ago | Updated 49 minutes ago

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