Minnesota students cover professor’s office – pens and all – in kitchen foil

Scott Bur's office
‘It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before,’ said Scott Bur of his silver office. Photograph: John Cross/AP

It could be mistaken for a Turner Prize installation, but the gleaming aluminium office is in fact the latest prank pulled on a chemistry professor.

Students of Scott Bur, an associate professor at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota, covered his entire office in kitchen foil when he was on holiday.

When he returned he found that everything – even individual pens – had been wrapped in foil.

Bur said elaborate pranks were a yearly tradition. Previously students have turned his office into a pirate ship, while last year they draped it in pink.

The professor said he was overwhelmed by the attention to detail.

“Every book was individually wrapped. Not only was a box of Kleenex wrapped, but an individual tissue was wrapped and put back in the box for effect. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.”

One student said it took 10, 200-foot rolls of foil to complete their task.

Originally reported by the Guardian. Read the original article here.

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