Montero Reveals Who He’s Rooting for in Playoffs

Former Chicago Cubs catcher Miguel Montero may not have left the city under the best of circumstances, but that doesn’t mean he has any hard feelings.

On Wednesday night, the catcher took to Twitter to discuss the MLB playoffs, and during a lengthy stream of consciousness tweetstorm, he mentioned which team he’ll be rooting for this October:

“For the record, I want the Cubs to win so I get another ring,” Montero said on the website.

Montero was designated for assignment by the Cubs after he publicly blasted Jake Arrieta for not holding runners on first base, with his comments coming after the team gave up seven stolen bases to the Washington Nationals earlier this season.

Montero was ultimately traded to the Toronto Blue Jays, where he finished the season out of the playoff hunt.

The catcher even poked fun at himself on Wednesday, saying that the Indians were on their way home to watch the playoffs on TV like he was.

“Crazy postseason,” he said. “Indians about to go and watch the games on TV like me,” he joked. 

Published 5 hours ago

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