Pleas for Help With Bat Problem Go Unanswered

It’s not unusual for pests to invade a home, but one suburban family has a dangerous pest problem and they say they can’t get help. NBC 5’s Regina Waldroup has more. (Published 5 hours ago)

A resident in Section 8 housing says that bats have repeatedly entered her home, but her pleas for help have fallen on deaf ears.

“We had a bat in our home,” Tonja Harris says. “It flew past me and was in my daughter’s room, and she woke up screaming. We didn’t believe it because we were all asleep.”

Harris says that her husband ultimately located and killed the bat. They thought that was the end of the problem, but earlier this week, another bat appeared in their home.

“My daughter was in her sister’s room, and she came out here and a bat flew past her,” Harris said. “I’m like what, a bat? Another bat?”

Harris has no idea where the bats are coming from, but she reached out to the Cook County Housing Authority for help.

She says that she’s emailed and called the agency, but she says that there has been no response.

In a statement, the Authority says it’s reached out to Harris’ landlord, and that they will review the matter to determine what steps are necessary to make sure that Harris and the landlord are both in compliance with Housing and Urban Development regulations. 

Published 5 hours ago

Published in: Local News

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