‘Robin Hood’ Banker Gets 63-Month Sentence

A man described in Chicago media as a “Robin Hood” banker was sentenced today to 63 months in prison for his fraudulent activities at a local bank.

Jeffrey Gonsiewski, formerly the vice president of the loan department at First Security Trust & Savings Bank in suburban Elmwood Park, pled guilty to the charge of bank fraud in August. District Judge Elaine Bucklo handed down the sentence on Tuesday.

According to the FBI, Gonsiewski “altered loan documents to make it appear that customers’ payments were current when he knew they were actually overdue, which prevented the bank from taking timely action to collect delinquent loans and protect its assets.”

In other words, when his clients were underwater with their mortgages, he told the bank they were up-to-date in order to buy them more time to pay, keeping First Security from “protecting its assets” by foreclosing on their houses. His actions cost the bank, part of the sprawling Wirtz family empire, $5.5 million.

Oddly enough, his lawyer chose to portray his actions as acts of stupidity:

In documents filed Monday with the court, Gonsiewski’s lawyer, Terrence LeFevour, said the crime on his client’s part was “an idiotic attempt to assist his clients, hoping that with extensions of their loans by deceit, eventually these clients would” repay the bank.

“By getting these people through the tough times, his thinking was the bank would ultimately come out better,” Gonsiewski’s lawyer wrote.

“As stupid as his plan can be judged, he never sought to profit from it,” his lawyer wrote.

There are certainly more charitable ways to describe his actions — “compassionate” springs to mind before “idiotic,” for instance.

Either way, Gonsiewski is facing a sentence of just over five years. The maximum for bank fraud is 30 years and a $1 million fine, but the sentencing is consistent with his plea agreement, which suggested a term of four to six.

Originally reported by Huffington Post Chicago. Read the original story here.

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11 Responses to "‘Robin Hood’ Banker Gets 63-Month Sentence"

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  2. Nathan says:

    WOW… This guy steals 5.5 million from a company and you all want to turn a blind eye? Its not like he was giving them his money to avoid the foreclosure. He deserves the 5 years in prison, and should have to pay back the 5 million.

    • Emily says:

      I think you may be mistaken. I don’t think he stole the $5.5 million. The bank is saying that by not collecting these foreclosed homes sooner, they missed out on collecting $5.5 million from the homeowners, or from the sale of the foreclosed homes. It seems to me that the last thing banks should really want is to collect foreclosed homes, since their values are probably low right now. That might have been what the banker was thinking.

    • lovemore says:

      did they say he stole the money reread the story mate

  3. jack cloud says:

    this make me less proud to be here after reading this

  4. Red says:

    My god, when this man helped people he went to jail, when the banks robbed us they got bailouts….

    i cant believe in this democracy anymore, its more of a de-Mockery..

    when the hero’s are vilified and the villains are praised, how can one say that my vote means anything, god willing there will be a time when we all stand up and say ,”Liberté, égalité, fraternité”

    I have hope though that the people will correct what is a uniform body of corruption.

  5. Suzy says:

    who needs this capitalism then? Or the so called democracy?

  6. James says:

    AWESOME banks launder drug money they get a fine some guy tries to give his borrowers some leeway he goes to jail for 5 years REMEMBER over 75% of the mortgage fraud was perpetrated by the lenders not the borrowers AND NOBODY WENT TO JAIL FOR IT the one time it goes the other way straight to jail fuck you

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