Ross Reveals the One Thing He Doesn’t Miss About Baseball

If there’s one thing fans have learned about David Ross during his time on “Dancing With the Stars” it’s that the retired World Series champ is pretty comfortable with his body, but it appears there’s one body part he’s particularly proud of. 

Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday, Ross’ ‘DWTS’ partner Lindsay Arnold revealed that Ross isn’t as shy as he typically lets on. 

“He acts all shy but day two of rehearsal with this guy he was already telling me how much he loves his own butt and how good it looks in baseball pants,” Arnold said. “He admitted to me, ‘That’s how I got my wife – my butt in baseball pants.’” 

Ross’ now-famous, and unexpected, “Magic Mike” routine, which he also performed on “Ellen,” earned him one of the highest scores in one of his early appearances on “DWTS.” But before the dance routine hit television screens, the retired catcher scrambled to warn fans, friends and family. 

“I’m like, ‘Oh no I’m taking my clothes off in front of millions of people,’” Ross said. “So I warned all the teachers, I sent out tweets, I warned everybody, Instagram, like ‘Put the kids to bed cause Magic Mike is coming out.’” 

Ross acknowledged that having one of his routines aired on jumbotrons during a rain delay at the Cubs’ home opener this month was “so special.” 

“For the city of Chicago to embrace us the way they did and all the guys in the dugout watching… I’m not a part of the team anymore but they really made me feel so special,” he said. 

If there’s one thing he misses about baseball, it’s his former teammates, Ross told DeGeneres. 

“The dugout, the camaraderie in the locker room it’s such a good group of guys,” he said. 

On the other side, there’s one thing he doesn’t miss about playing the sport. 

“I don’t miss the competition,” he said. “I wasn’t a great player so dragging my bat back, striking out all the time, I definitely don’t miss that at all.”

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