Sue’s Last Week Front and Center at Field Museum

Sue the Tyrannosaurus rex has been in the field Museum’s Stanley Hall for 18 years.

But this week–her reign is coming to an end.

There were a lot of concerned kids at the museum Monday–wondering what the workers were doing to their favorite dinosaur.

“She kind of looks funny getting taken apart,” one child said.

First, came her jaw in two pieces. Then, with some elbow-grease and one final pull — Sue lost her head.

But don’t worry, she isn’t going far. She’s moving to a new home upstairs in the dinosaur hall and she’ll get something of a face-lift.

Scientists say Sue’s ribs will be different, once she’s put back together.

So, what’s replacing her? The museum says, something very big.

A Patagotitan, of course.

If that name’s too much of a mouth-full. The field says you can just call it a “Titan-o-saur”

The new titanosaur will go on display by late spring.

You can watch crews finish removing Sue from the main hall this week. She won’t be unveiled in her new home until 2019.

A reminder: Illinois residents can get into the field museum free the entire month of February.

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