Third rabid bat of the year found in Lake County

WAUKEGAN, Ill. (CHICAGOPRESSRELEASE.COM)  — A bat found in the bedroom of a Fox Lake home last week turned out to be the third rabid bat found in Lake County this year.

A couple awoke on May 26 to find the bat in their bedroom, a release from the Lake County Health Department said. That bat tested positive for rabies, the third in the county this year.

Because contact with the bat cannot be ruled out, Health Department staff advised the couple to receive rabies post-exposure vaccinations in accordance with Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

The first rabid bat of the year in Lake County was found in Beach Park on May 7.

The Lake County Health Department is urging residents not to touch bats. Individuals who have direct contact with bats are likely to be advised to receive vaccinations.

In Lake County, anyone who has direct contact with a bat or notices a bat acting in an unusual manner, such as flying in daylight or lying on the ground or in their home, should contact the Health Department, (847) 949-9925. If the bat is inside of the house, it should not be chased away because it may be needed for rabies testing. Trained animal wardens will remove the bat at no cost.

While bats can transmit rabies, they are also beneficial animals, the release said. Some species can eat up to 600 insects in an hour. Besides mosquitoes, bats eat crop-destroying pests, like moths, beetles and grasshoppers.

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