What now? How about iPad-ready clothing

(CHICAGOPRESSRELEASE.COM) — Remember the days when purses didn’t have easy-to-reach pockets for your cell phone, and you had to violently dig through your bag while everyone around you was forced to listen to your polyphonic, John Mayer ringtone?

No? Well … it makes sense that fashion accessories evolve to fit our technological needs. But a new clothing line may be taking this concept to a new extreme.

iClothing, an Australian-based clothing company — not affiliated with Apple, despite the lowercase “i” — has designed a two-piece collection of iPad-friendly clothes.

The iTee (which is available in black and white) is really just a simple T-shirt with a huge, iPad-sized pocket in the middle of it. iClothing’s website calls it “perfect for men and women with a digital lifestyle.”

Then there’s the iDress — a black, above-the-knee, short-sleeved number “with a built-in protected pouch to carry and store your iPad without hindering your movement or style.”

The iDress, which is currently sold out, costs $89.95, and the iTee costs $44.95.

Just don’t forget to read the fine print: iPad not included.

“From the office to the cocktail lounge, read your iPad comfortably on your way to the next party in town,” the website says.

In other iPad clothing news:

Mohan’s Custom Tailors in New York has created a suit with an iPad-sized pocket on the inside of the jacket. Never mind the possibility that one side of your suit jacket will hang lower than the other with a 1.5-pound tablet computer in your pocket.

What do you think: Fashion forward or fashion disaster? Would you wear clothing with an iPad pocket?

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