What They’re Saying About Chicago’s Violence


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Chicago made national headlines again, Thursday night, after 13 people were shot in a parkin the McKinley Park neighborhood.

Among the victims is a 3-year-old boy. The incident marks yet another point of discussion regarding Chicago’s role in the national gun control debate.

Here’s what the conversation sounds like around the country according to headlines:  

Chicago and Navy Yard make two ‘mass shootings’ in a week: Why do we still live and die by the gun?

  • Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite said the Chicago shooting reflects a bigger trend in America. She believes mass shootings are continuing to increase.
  • While the Chicago incident was gang-related, she said fundamentally, it isn’t any different from the Navy Yard shooting.
  • She said these incidents aren’t senseless, but are “the logical outcome of our complete failure as a nation to control guns in any sensible, comprehensive way.”

Obama’s disturbing, hypocritical silence on Chicago gun violence

  • Gregory Kane said Obama is typically silent about homicides in Chicago.
  • “He Obama knows that saying anything about gun violence in Chicago will only highlight just how useless laws that seek to control or ban guns are,” he wrote.
  • If gun control legislation is so effective, he argued, it should work in Chicago.

Chicago or Chiraq? “I Don’t Wanna Say There’s No Hope, But I Don’t Know, Man”

  • Will Robson-Scott is a Londoner and director of the documentary short “Chi Raq.” His film takes viewers to streets of Chicago to discuss violence in the city.
  • He told Mother Jones that America’s biggest problem is the availability of guns. “If you didn’t have that many guns, there wouldn’t be that many murders,” he said.
  • Robson-Scott noted Chicago’s strict gun control laws, but said it “doesn’t matter” because people can easily access weapons across the state border.

Should We Bring In The Illinois National Guard To Combat Chicago Violence?

  • Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago) told Progress Illinois in July that Chicago needs the National Guard — and that same call is being trumpeted Friday, too.
  • “The National Guard goes into communities based on the governor’s request, when there’s a natural disaster or civil unrest,” Davis said. “It is my belief that we are suffering from civil unrest in this city.”
  • Davis believes the Chicago Police Department lacks the resources necessary to tackle all of the violence.

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