Wisconsin Dairy Queen Displays ‘Politically Incorrect’ Sign

A “politically incorrect” sign hung in a Wisconsin Dairy Queen by the franchise’s owner has sparked a controversy under the Grill and Chill’s neon lights.

The tongue-in-cheek poster, declares the business as a controversial establishment because of its use of “Merry Christmas,” saluting the American flag and thanking the country’s troops.

The sign, found in the Kewaskum ice cream shop, further says if a prospective patron is offended a “snowflake safe space,” can be arranged by the owner.

The satirical signage provoked at least one person to gripe about it on Facebook.

“I find this extremely offensive,” the Facebook user who posted the image said. “Please speak with the franchise owner.”

The post, which has since been deleted, garnered thousands of likes and shares—as well as comments—most of which seemed to support the owner’s stance.

Kevin Scheunemann, the proprietor of the shop, says he’s “grateful to God for all the comments of support” he’s received about his sign.

“I am especially grateful for the heartfelt email thank you from a Philadelphia police officer I received just before church this last Sunday,” Scheunemann told NBC 5 in an email. “I was humbled by his incredible thank you over the sign’s open support of police officers. I set out to encourage others in my Christianity and love of Country, and I ended up being the one encouraged.”

The Dairy Queen chain told a local TV station the sign “expresses the views of this independent owner only” and doesn’t speak for the company or any other franchise owners.

Published 2 hours ago | Updated 56 minutes ago

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