Woman Who Accused Madigan Staffer to Speak Out Tuesday

The woman at the center of sexual harassment allegations against a high-ranking political aide to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan said Monday that she refutes the powerful Democrat’s account of his organization’s investigation into the matter.

The woman, a political consultant who asked not to be identified until she speaks publicly at a news conference Tuesday morning, said Ald. Marty Quinn – perhaps Madigan’s most senior operative – has known about the allegations against his brother, Kevin Quinn, since February 2017.

Kevin Quinn was terminated from his roles in both Madigan’s Southwest Side constituent service office – shared with Marty Quinn – and in the speaker’s campaign organization, Madigan said Monday.

In a statement, the speaker said a “courageous woman” informed him in November that Kevin Quinn had “made unwanted advances and sent her inappropriate text messages,” prompting him to consult with his attorney, Heather Wier Vaught, and direct her to conduct an investigation.

The woman, who worked for Madigan’s organization on and off beginning in 2012 and has worked on multiple campaigns across the state, corroborated parts of that account, confirming that Kevin Quinn made multiple unsolicited advances and sent inappropriate text messages at all hours for months, after being told repeatedly that the relationship was strictly professional.

However, she said Ald. Marty Quinn was aware of the misconduct allegations far earlier than Madigan’s statement seemed to suggest.

Kevin Quinn, who worked for the speaker for nearly 20 years, was terminated after Wier Vaught “conducted numerous interviews” and “reviewed the evidence” in the case, Madigan said Monday. Wier Vaught came to the conclusion that Kevin Quinn “engaged in inappropriate conduct and failed to exercise the professional judgment I expect of those affiliated with my political organizations and the Office of the Speaker,” his statement reads.

The consultant who brought forth the allegations planned to share her side of the story at a news conference at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

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