Young Man’s Gift Helps Others Get New Lease on Life

A bullet ended the life of 20-year-old Mario Cousins in 2016, but that was just a new beginning for his story.

Cousins’ parents chose to donate his organs, and because of their decision, six people have a new lease on life.

The families of five of those recipients gathered for a church service on Sunday, to celebrate the lives that could have ended prematurely if it had not been for Cousins’ gift of life.

“I got his heart. I got a 20-year-old heart,” Pam Morris said. “It’s beating strong. I’ll keep him strong.”

Cousins’ parents Mario Cousins Sr. and Emma O’Neal were at the church service on Sunday, and they celebrated with those who had received the ultimate gift from their late son.

“They brought my baby here. He’s here, yes he’s here,” O’Neal said. “I’m happy my baby came back.”

Sue McCloud, who received Cousins’ liver, was also in attendance.

“I got the liver,” she said. “It was perfect. There was nothing about it that didn’t fit.”

At a time when the country seems more divided than ever, Cousins’ remarkable story is bringing people together.

“I’m just glad they could be here, and that he was able to help them be here,” Cousins Sr. said.

To continue their son’s legacy of giving, both of Cousins parents have also decided to become organ donors as well. 

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