Time to get a new LINK card?

March 15, 2011

Illinois Statehouse News

SPRINGFIELD — It may be time to get another LINK food stamp card. One Illinois lawmaker wants LINK to have the users photo on the card the next time they shop for groceries.

State Sen. Kyle McCarter, R-Lebanon, proposed Senate Bill 2043 to require names and photos on LINK cards. But the proposal stalled in a Senate subcommittee where lawmakers on Tuesday debated the idea to fight fraud.

McCarter came up with the proposal after one fraudulent LINK card transaction turned up in his neighborhood last year.

“If in my neighborhood this is taking place, how many times is it taking place throughout the state?” McCarter asked. “And so, if we care about these people that we are assisting, let’s hold them accountable.”

State Sen. Terry Link, D-Waukegan, asked how many cases of abuse can be attributed to the LINK cards.

“If this is a sole case, then fine,” Link said. “We had one bad apple in whole the barrel, then fine, we get rid of that bad apple. But if there is multiple apples in the barrel, then we got to figure out why, then we have to figure out an answer to cure it.”

Watch more from Sen McCarter:


Originally reported by Illinois Statehouse News. Read the original article here.

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