New Globus Online Product Simplifies File Transfer On Campus Servers and Clusters

“Globus Connect Multi-User” is Part of Comprehensive Partner Program for Research Institutions

CHICAGO, Nov. 11, 2011 /CHICAGOPRESSRELEASE.COM/ — The Globus Online team today announced the launch of Globus Connect Multi-User (GCMU), a tool that makes it simple for system administrators to connect shared resources, such as file servers or HPC clusters, to Globus Online for fast, reliable file transfer. GCMU represents the first offering under a comprehensive new partner program that aims to simplify integration and management of campus clusters, lab servers and other shared computing systems connected to Globus Online.

GCMU helps system administrators simplify file transfer for users who need to move data to or from a shared resource. With GCMU,
administrators can set up a Globus Online transfer endpoint on their resources, which users can access with their existing resource logins. GCMU packages a GridFTP server and a MyProxy Certificate Authority pre-configured for use with Globus Online – and only requires a few steps to install and use.

“As a resource administrator responsible for helping scientists move data among various systems and across organizations, I’ve found GCMU an exceedingly useful tool,” said Pete Eby, Linux System Administrator at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. “The Globus team has done a great job with this product.”

“At University of Michigan we used GCMU to form a campus-wide grid security infrastructure (GSI) authentication service, spanning multiple servers that are accessed regularly by remote users,” said Brock Palen, HPC system administrator and user consultant at the University of Michigan’s Center for Advanced Computing. “Now my users have a fast, easy way to get their data wherever it needs to go, and the setup process was trivial.”

Globus Online is software-as-a-service designed to simplify file transfer. Globus Online makes it easy to move datasets of any size,
whether between supercomputing facilities or from a facility to a local server or personal computer, without requiring custom end-to-end

“We have been extremely impressed with Globus Online and how easy it is to use,” added Eby. “Now with Globus Connect Multi-User, setting up a GridFTP server and handling authentication for multiple users is equally easy. The way it ties in seamlessly with Globus Online and allows for simple user administration is fantastic.”

Globus Online launched Globus Connect earlier this year in response to broad user demand for a simple system to enable file transfer to and from local machines. GCMU builds on this capability by allowing resource administrators to easily setup new endpoints on multi-user machines without complex GridFTP installation and configuration.

To download GCMU, visit https://www.globusonline.org/gcmu.

GCMU is part of a broader Globus Online initiative to support resource owners who want to enhance the data movement experience for their users. The Globus Online Partner Program, which will roll out over the coming months, offers a series of products and services designed for administrators and managers of shared resources, whether at campuses, supercomputing facilities, labs or other research facilities.

Additional capabilities available under the Globus Online Partner Program are listed here:

Flight Control will provide an operations console for monitoring transfers on a set of Globus Online endpoints managed by the resource
administrator.Campus Single Sign-On will allow users to sign in to Globus Online using their standard campus login, e.g. their InCommon username and password.Help Desk Integration will automate the flow of support requests between Globus Online and the resource owner’s support team.

The Globus Online team is soliciting feedback from resource owners regarding services and tools they would prefer to have available in the Program. Potential partners can submit input via partners@globusonline.org or by visiting Globus Online in booth 5012 at the Supercomputing 2011 (SC11) conference, Nov. 14-18 in Seattle, WA, where forums are being held for partners at 5:00 p.m.  Tuesday and
Wednesday. For more information, visit https://www.globusonline.org/events/sc11/.

About Globus Online

Globus Online is a fast, reliable file transfer service that simplifies the process of secure data movement. Recommended by HPC Centers and user communities of all kinds, Globus Online automates the mundane (but error-prone and time-consuming) activity of managing file transfers, whether between supercomputing facilities or from a facility to your laptop. With Globus Online, robust transfer capabilities that were previously available only on expensive, special-purpose systems are now accessible to virtually anyone with an Internet connection and a laptop. Globus Online significantly reduces transfer time, with some users reporting movement of terabytes of data in hours. Globus Online is an initiative by the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, and is supported by funding from the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. To get started or find out more, visit https://www.globusonline.org/.

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